Allele-specific Genotyping

            Refers to the process of confirming the accuracy and reliability of SNP and indel analysis results. Allele-specific genotyping service involves various techniques and methods to verify the presence or absence of specific SNPs and indels in a sample or population. To ensure that the detected SNP and indel variations are real and not the result of experimental errors or artifacts. 

    With our allele-specific genotyping service, you can obtain valuable information about allelic frequencies, genotype distribution, and genetic variations present in your samples. This knowledge can aid in understanding disease susceptibility, drug response, population genetics, or genetic diversity.

  • The recommended sample volume is at least 10 ul per reaction.
  • The recommended sample concentration is at least 50 ng/ul.
  • Put up to 95 samples in a 96 well plate, leaving the last well empty for a control.
  • The recommended direction to fill samples to the plate as this our guideline in picture below:

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