Sample Quantification

Gel Electrophoresis and Optical density (OD) measurement

     Basically, all samples must be quantified prior to performing other services. There is no additional service charge for the quantification step. The standard protocols for sample quantification implemented in our lab are gel electrophoresis and optical density (OD) measurement. Sample quantification is a comprehensive solution for accurately determining the concentration and purity of DNA samples to provide precise measurements and quality assessment of DNA samples.
With our sample quantification service, you can ensure reliable quantification and quality control of your DNA samples. Gel electrophoresis allows for the separation and visualization of DNA fragments based on size, providing qualitative information about the integrity and purity of the sample. By comparing the sample's migration pattern to known DNA markers, we can assess the sample's size range and estimate the DNA concentration.
In addition to gel electrophoresis, our service employs OD measurement using spectrophotometry. This technique measures the absorbance of DNA samples at specific wavelengths of light, providing quantitative information about the sample's concentration and purity. OD measurements are based on the principle that DNA absorbs light at a characteristic wavelength, allowing for accurate quantification.

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