Sample Purification

PCR Clean-up and Gel extraction

        In our lab, there are 2 means of sample purification by column, which are PCR clean-up and gel extraction. The purification methods are used to separate a target DNA, reduce sample complexity, remove interfering impurities, and concentrate target DNA prior to the sequencing process.
With our PCR clean-up and gel extraction service, you can ensure the isolation and purification of target DNA fragments, free from unwanted components such as excess primers, enzymes, dyes, or agarose gel residues. This purification step is crucial for downstream applications, including sequencing, cloning, genotyping, or other molecular biology techniques.
For PCR clean-up, we use column-based purification, effectively removing residual primers, nucleotides, or enzymes from PCR products. This ensures optimal performance in subsequent experiments and analysis.
For gel extraction, we excise DNA fragments of interest from agarose gels, followed by purification to remove unwanted gel components. This allows for the isolation of clean, intact DNA fragments suitable for a wide range of applications.
Throughout the process, we prioritize purity, yield, and quality control. Our service employs efficient purification methodologies, ensuring maximum recovery of DNA fragments while maintaining their integrity and quality. 

          Customer provide unpurified PCR product by following the recommended volume of sample as 50 ul per reaction in dH2O

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