DNA Barcoding

        DNA barcoding is a specific region of DNA that is used to identify species. The sequence of this DNA barcode is then compared with that in the reference library, which contains information on many species linked to their barcodes. so that the species can be identified.
        This service contains PCR amplification, clean-up, DNA sequencing, and analysis reports. Our scientists and technicians follow rigorous protocols to amplify the barcode region using PCR, perform DNA clean-up and sequencing and analyze the resulting sequences. We utilize stringent quality control measures to ensure accurate and reliable results. 
By leveraging DNA sequencing, this service provides a rapid and accurate method for identifying and cataloging organisms based on their unique DNA barcode sequences. Resulting to researchers and organizations understanding, revolutionizes species identification and biodiversity.
For analysis reports of this barcoding service, all reports include the assembled sequences of your samples, the alignment of the top 10 hits to databases and phylogenetic tree. Click link below to see the example of DNA Barcoding Report 

Example DNA Barcoding Report

The recommended genomic DNA volume is at least 20 ul per reaction.
The recommended genomic DNA concentration is at least 500 ng/ul.

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