Data Analysis

Our data analysis services are a comprehensive solution for researchers and organizations seeking to extract valuable insights from genetic or genomic data. This service combines powerful computational tools and expertise to analyze DNA or protein sequences, identify homologous matches, and reconstruct evolutionary relationships. We offer 3 alternatives for data analysis: data alignment, blasting, and phylogenetic trees.

1.Alignment is the process of determining how similar or different two or more sequences are to each other. This is a common approach for inferring structural, functional, or evolutionary relationships between two or more sequences.

2.BLAST is a tool to find regions of local similarity between sequences. It can be used to infer functional and evolutionary relationships between sequences as well as help identify members of gene families.

3.Phylogenetic tree is a diagram that describes the lines of evolutionary descent of different species, organisms, or genes from a common ancestor.

For the data Analysis service, there are all reports including data alignment, blasting, and phylogenetic trees. Click the link below to see the example of a data Analysis report.

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Alignment-report-template Blasting-report-template Phylogenetic-Trees-report-template

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